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Dark Poetry

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Lady in Waiting by Sheryl Osmeña

Night by Sheryl Osmeña

death by paul eftang

Satisfaction by Quaythescus

The Dance by InnaDaze

The End... My Friend by Deus Noctem

depression: the death of me by andrea whitman

Cutting Deep by Tracy Antwis

Empty by David R. Chandler

Soul Digger by David R. Chandler

If She Falls by Aleusha Man50n

Fear by Aleusha Man50n

Faith Undying by Ang Xi Bing

Self by Stephen Mackay

Daughter & Son by Aleusha Man50n

I Wish I Could Cry by Jason Caldwell

Suicide Note by Jason Caldwell

Masochism: Cutting Yourself by G. Caen

Evolution Part 1 by Ellie

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