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Author: Sheryl Osmeña
Age: 24
Posted: April 17, 2000

Lady in Waiting

She comes out at night
With her white gown on
And hair so long
She glides through the night
And smiles to the moonlit skies
She gazes to the stars that gazes back at her

The cold breeze reacts whenever she sings her
songs of enchantment
And the trees sways back and forth as she dances
through the forest
She glides with the wind

Searching for her long lost love that had left
her long, long ago
Waiting until he comes back to fetch her from her
own despair
Thus, When she cries, rain falls down
Down to the seas, down to the valley and streams..
Still, she waits for him
Ne`ver knowing what really happened to her long-lost
love...waiting for him to come back......

Author: Sheryl Osmeña
Age: 24
Posted: April 17, 2000


Night, oh how it beckons me
Oh how the cool breeze excites me!
Look! how the ghostly ship-like clouds part way
For the luminous full moon and thousands of sparkling eyes
Hear how the wind howls sending shivers to your spine!

For the night is a santuary of the restless soul
Whisphers I hear, promising me eternity
Like the infinite clashing of waves towards boulders
In the dark, dark seas
Oh how it mystifies such splendor!
How it unveils journeys of night`s creatures

How he sweeps misery,
Welcoming the madness of darkness
Yet why succumb to walls and idle diversions?
When the mytery of the night invites you to
join him to view his world with awe and delight........

Author: paul eftang
Posted: March 06, 2000


Some people want to die
Just to make their family cry
Some people want to kill
Just to make their family ill
Everyone is in some way crazy
Their outlook on the world is somewhat hazy
They view the world as a dark evil place
Just like the sight of the devils face
When they see this horrid sight
They are overcome with great fright
Because of this evil state
They bring themselves to a mortal fate

Author: Quaythescus
Age: 28
Quaythescus's Homepage
Posted: March 08, 2000


A rustle of dead leaves
swirling, rising, marauding even in death
the hollow breath of the world
the hollow of my soul
Grasping for that breath,
gasping it in gusts
to fill the hollow of my body.
She may remember
though not with pleasantness
but yes... with satisfaction,
of that I am certain.
Her vision cavorts before me,
a wraith of mist
and she knows, yes she knows quite well
and she is satisfied.
Ghosts sing to me from distant worlds
I dispel them easily enough
for the ghosts are real,
and I am ascending the incorporeal.
Was I laughing or crying at that moment?
Only floating perhaps
or sinking more likely,
and she is finally satisfied.

Author: InnaDaze
Posted: March 18, 2000

The Dance

His arms and legs flailed rythmically
He danced for them.

The smell of sweat, the flashing lights
The people gathered round.
He danced for them.

Leather jacket and cheap iron bracelets
Suited up for the wild dance.
He danced for them.

Aged straps, an iron chair, no Governor's call
A thousand amps unleashed with a switch.
He danced for them.

Author: Deus Noctem
Age: 16
Posted: March 18, 2000

The End... My Friend

The end is near, says the man on the street.
The end is near, says the man on T.V.
The end is here, says I.
And I, I am the one forgotten

Author: andrea whitman
Age: 14
Posted: April 05, 2000

depression: the death of me

i sit in my room
dark cold alone
the room is bare
except for bed and mirror
i see a face with no smile
but i wear a frown
my friends i have none
my parents dont understand
suicide is creeping around in my head

i take a whole bottle of voulumn
fill the bath tub up with hot water
i slit my wrists
i get in the tub
the water marks my bloody grave
i fall asleep
and then i drown.

no one will miss no one will cry
my pain is no more
no more questions why
no more pitty
no more tears
i have nothing left
i have no more fears

hell is burning at my feet
i see this man
i'll go with him
i know im dead.

Author: Tracy Antwis
Age: 18
Posted: April 10, 2000

Cutting Deep

The knife lies there tormenting me
How I long to pick it up
Only I hold the key
I always keep things locked up

I'd love to remain true to myself
To force myself away
The scars I know ruin my health
They remind me of yet another day

I must carry on suffering
I cannot give up now
But the knife lies there unchanging
I pick it up but how?

My friends have always come and gone
Only one will always remain
She of course is a companion
Her dad won't let me change

My hopes and ambitions have been dashed
Now all I can do is pray
That maybe one day I'll find the strength
To put that knife away

All I am is all I have
Marked forever on my arm
Nothing to show nothing to share
I can't even manage to be calm

In all I do I try to be prepared
For what is thrown at me
It doesn't work. I'm too scared
Things, which come that I can't see

I can dream about being better
If only my mind would rest
At night the nightmares always linger
I will never feel at my best

For years I hoped to see him change
My grandad, brother and friend's dad
Unfortunately this can't happen
I've poisoned them, I'm so bad

Author: David R. Chandler
Age: 17
Posted: March 01, 2000


Come find me
seek me out
and fill this gap
come and take yourself
take your beauty and purity
and make it part of me
I need you inside
because I have nothing left
Come make us one
come bind yourself to me
I know your out there
hiding in the crowd
don’t be afraid, come fill me
fill my hole of solitude
my cesspool of loneliness
Come on and show yourself
I've been waiting too long
and I know it’s inside of me
that thing we both need

Author: David R. Chandler
Age: 17
Posted: March 01, 2000

Soul Digger

shadow has been
pushed into me
twisted and forced
found its way
into me
shadow is consuming
and leaving empty
parts of me I never knew I had
emptiness of
is quietly sneaking away with
what's left
is searching
for that something
that I never knew I had
in me
is void of
can’t seem to find that something
that's been missing
parts of me in
the shadow
has taken what's left of
has vanished

Author: Aleusha Man50n
Aleusha Man50n's Homepage
Posted: February 25, 2000

If She Falls

If she falls she will be caught
A stony surface beneath her
The only way is up for us
But down is the way she'd prefer
If she touches she will be cut
Her loneliness is blind
A flailing arm a drop to the stone
Is all that's in her mind
If I catch her up she gets
And jumps the hole again
If I let her one more time
She'd know this ugly pain
If I cry she doesn't care
She sings a corrosive song
To self-destruct is easy enough
But to live she feels is wrong.

Author: Aleusha Man50n
Aleusha Man50n's Homepage
Posted: February 25, 2000


I find this hard
To think about
It hits me hard
It edges the doubt
But this inside
Is all I hear
It's all I want
And all I fear.

Author: Ang Xi Bing
Age: 17
Posted: February 25, 2000

Faith Undying

liberating specter
ghost of all existence
of latent and misunderstood spirituality
yet with its utter simplicity
the intricacies of being
might surely be swept
into perpetual oblivion

heaven or hell
the temperamental, definite dark
is in the eyes of the beholder
for the deft
death seeks nothing but nothingness
and tortured entities
that have endured and exhausted all that is perennial
and those shall not cease to maintain
the inevitable
perdition for the wicked
one might ponder
is not passing on enough terror?

yet as for the disreputably enlightened
every day brings night
every dusk seduces dawn
every blossom shuts its petals
replenishing the plant
enriching the earth
death is, for the knowing adventurer
a finale of rest

in yearning to live
we have all in truth vowed to die
for undoubtedly
every mortal's path
points ever the same way
through your eyes
blissfully beloved
I have seen the wonders
I have seen the life
through your spirit
I have embraced the tempest
and through your soul
I have touched the light

do not weep
nor ever mourn
for whatever seems
never is
and come what may
waters must run dry
and in dying
I shall have you rest
in love and peace

Author: Stephen Mackay
Age: 22
Posted: February 24, 2000


My personal self dissatisfaction breaths that nauseous self surrender into this world of self important idiots

I just want a lonely corner to indulge in some self raised self respect you idiots will never sicken

Because your self abandonment make you all slaves as I smile and dig your graves

Walk in or jump in; it's all self admission

Go on, show some self delight as you self destruct though the build up of self opinion

You know you deserve better than this and all you idiots are jealous, perforate me, puncture me, slit me, split me, tear me and vent me ... I'm hollow

Now take yourselves and see yourself as yourself; be at one with being oneself ..... alone.

Author: Aleusha Man50n
Aleusha Man50n's Homepage
Posted: February 22, 2000

Daughter & Son

Patience tested, times are hard

Left alone he's bruised, I'm scarred

We watch the tepid sunlight bloom

From blocked up windows in a shrouded room

Worlds are passing, life goes on

Hungry daughter, eager son

Ugly faces, the fruits of love

Dirty fingers soil her glove

Gripping hard our little souls

Pressed on wood our precious toes

Locked inside this iron land

Just reaching for a caring hand.

Author: Jason Caldwell
Age: 16
Posted: January 12, 2000

I Wish I Could Cry

I wish I could cry
Please don't ask me why
I really wish I could
Even my shrink thinks I should
If they knew that I have tried
Because of it, now, I've lost all my pride
No one believes that I can't cry
They all think it's a big fat lie
For years now I haven't been able to
Now I just don't know else I should do
My mom think that I go to my room to cry and pout
I don't, I go to keep from blacking out
I've heard depression causes you to cry all of the time
But I haven't yet and I think it's a crime
I still wish I could cry
Please don't ask me why

Author: Jason Caldwell
Age: 16
Posted: January 12, 2000

Suicide Note

I've lost all hope for life.
I keep losing reasons to live.
But I'm always gaining reasons to die.
I have nothing more to give,
and I have even less to take.
My friends have turned worse than my enemies.
They think my depression and hate for life is fake.
If only they'd known their actions would be the death of me.
Not even my mother has tried to give a damn.
She has more hate for me than I do for myself.
But it won't be long till my gun goes BAM.
It's a shame I have to waste a good shotgun shell.
The world will be much better off when I'm gone.
Even when I'm burning in the fiery pits of hell,
I'll know it wasn't just me, we were all wrong.

Author: G. Caen
Age: 12
Posted: January 10, 2000

Masochism: Cutting Yourself

I understand
why people cut themselves
why for every sin (another nick)
for every character flaw (another cut)
for every mean thing you do (another)
say (one more)
think (scar)
then you leave a scar on you body
I understand why for every mean thing you do,
you must hurt yourself
must punish yourself or just continue to be mean

Author: Ellie

Posted: November 28, 1999

Evolution Part 1

Alive without breath
He sits beside the fire and thinks
Over the trust that was broken
For when you are betrayed
You become a wanderer in the shadowed land
The road goes ever on and on
When the black breath blows
All hope is lost
All dreams forgotten
When evening in the land is gray
When winter first begins to bite
He sits alone on his seat of stone
Losing all but heart and head
Not knowing what will happen next
There was a time
When the world was young
And the grass was green
And the leaves were long
But then the blood of man was mingled
With the blood of a wild beast
Which turned the man into a cruel mutant
Mighty used to be this fallen man
But now he is gone
His soul is lost
For the deep blackness of society
Has swallowed him whole
And never will he return
He fires his weapon
Killing all around
And without a flinch
He shall do it again
But soon he will fall
Because of the weapon
He fired so many times before
He took his own life
And threw it away
And yet the evilness
Still lives within
So floats his spirit
To the next helpless body
Who has not yet been born
Just to turn them into the wild animal too
Twisting them into the crooked man there once was
Now take the fire that burns in your eyes
The fire that killed the other men
The fire that shot the metal pellet

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