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Well the new site is now up and running.  If you want to submit a work, please go to  This site will remain up until all works are converted to the new site, which may be years if I have to do it myself.  However, you will only be able to view works.  Again, if anyone would like to volunteer to help with converting the old works to the new site I will be greatly appreciative.  Thanks for everyone who has been so patient with it taking me over a year and a half to since I was able to accept submissions.


Well I'm hoping that the new site may soon be up and running.  It's taking me a very long time due to some unforeseen circumstances.  The new site is very close however and hopefully will be up before the end of the year.  I've had to change a lot of stuff to get things going properly and have had to learn some new programming languages to make things work.  Again, if anyone would like to help out with the effort with either time or monetary donations please contact  Thanks to everyone for your patience.  Also, again do not use any forms on the site at this time as they do not work.  If you'd like to be added to the site update mailing list please email and you'll get notified as soon as the site is up and running.


  It's been about a year since the site has been unable to accept submissions.  That is about to change though.  I've completed my planning for the new site and I've got a web host.  The new site will be  I just have to do the coding now.  I've decided not to charge for any services for the time being, but that may change eventually.  I am however looking for someone to help with the process.  I've designed a database format for the works so that it will be easy to search and sort the works instead of having them all display on the same page and always in chronological order.  What I need help with is entering the old works into the database.  I'm in the process of designing the site and I'd like to get that done at about the same time as the database entries.  If I don't get this done I probably will just leave the old works the way they are and that would be a shame.  If you're seriously interested in helping out please email  I can't pay anything, but I will put an acknowledgement on the site when it's finished.


Well here's the latest on the Creative Writing site problems. I've decided to find a pay web host since Tripod will not respond to my many inquiries into the problems. I, however, will not be charging for posting works. I will offer some services for a modest membership fee. The services I will include are still on the drawing board so to speak. I do know that more extensive bios and pictures of authors will be some of the services included in the membership. I will also put members works at the beginning of the list. The money that I get from the memberships will help defer the cost of the web host and advertising. Also, I would like to get non-profit status eventually and if I get enough members I'll be able to pay the lawyers fees required to do this. Even if I don't have non-profit legal status I assure you that Creative Writing will always be non-profit. I only wish to offer the best opportunity for authors that I can. Also, if anyone has suggestions on what services to offer and suggestions for the monthly membership price, please email me at The site should be ready by October, but I make no promises. I will keep this page updated.
Thanks for your continued interest in Creative Writing.


Due to problems with my web space provider, I am temporarily not accepting submissions.  Also, anyone who has submitted works in May or June will not receive a confirmation email when their work is put on the sorted page.  Also, my comments, mailing list signup, and ratings pages have been affected and no longer work for the time being.  Please do not use them.  This is all due to a problem with one of Tripod's cgi scripts that allows me to send email to myself and others.  I have not been able to get technical support from Tripod even though I've tried several times in the past 6 weeks.  If you'd like to see me able to accept more works, I suggest writing to Tripod and asking them to fix the problem.  Thanks.


I have now moved to the new web site. If you find any broken links or pages that give you errors, please email me at


I've just changed around my works submission page to include cgi scripts. Unfortunately, Geocities doesn't support this so I've moved that page only to However, soon I will be moving the entire site. Due to the moving of the pages there may be some bad links. If you find any, please email me. Thanks.


I've just realized that my submission pages weren't working due to some changes as Yahoo takes over Geocities. They should now be working, if not please contact me. Thanks.


Creative Writing is now accepting submissions again. If you submitted work between January 1999 and September 1999 you will need to resubmit as I was not available to post the writings and they were lost in a hard drive crash. Also if you were on any of my mailing lists before September 1999 you will have to sign up again as my list was also lost. Thanks.

There are now buttons at the bottom of every work so that you can rate a work. I will then put the ratings on a page and every week I will have a best work of the week, based on the ratings. If you find a work without a button please tell me.

Now Accepting Book Reviews!

Now accepting philosophical essays!



If you have any comments or suggestions please email me at or use my comments page.

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