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Last updated 2/27/00


Well, It's been a long time since this mailing list has been used. Anyone who wishes not to be on the list anymore please email me or go to my list update page Here's what's new. The site has been completely moved to a new server, Tripod instead of Geocities, please update any bookmarks you may have. Second, due to this change in servers there may be some things that aren't working. Please email me if you find any of these. Next, I have integrated Perl scripting into much of my site to automate it. What this means for you is that anyone submitting anything will have it posted much more quickly. First, when you submitting works you will notice that your work will automatically be posted on my new works page. You can get there by going to the homepage,, and clicking on new works in the left frame. Once I get around to it the works will then be sorted and placed on the proper page. Since I now use Perl scripting it only takes me a few seconds to do so, therefore it will be done often unless I am busy working on other parts of the site. Also, if you submit a bio it will be placed on the site automatically. I will look at them as soon as I get around to it. Next, anyone interested in making money on the Internet, check out my site, It has links to many of the places that will pay you while you surf the Internet in exchange for having an advertisement bar at the top of your screen. Soon I will also have lists of sites that pay you to receive email and take surveys. Anyone who wants more information please check out the site I mentioned or email me. If you do sign up, please use me as your referrer. The money will go toward making Creative Writing a better site.


I'm now accepting book reviews. If you'd like to submit one, just use the usual submission page and select Book Review. Then select the genre of the book in the appropriate field. Then enter the title of the book in the title field. I will be making a link with the book so that people reading it can get more information and optionally buy it at one or more online book stores.

Secondly, I have setup a few associate relationships with some online merchants. You can see my sponsor page by going to my main page and selecting the sponsor page link. I will get a small commission for anything you buy on the sites and the money will go towards funding Creative Writing. I'm hoping to get enough money to move to a pay site where I will be able to get away from those stupid pop-up banners that always appear. The sponsor site will also have a link to books that I recommend. The site is still under major construction so please excuse the mess. So if you want to buy stuff (books and music so far) please use the links on my sponsor site. I know they're good merchants from experience, so no worries about scams. Thanks in advance.


Well more big revisions of Creative Writing. When you first get on you'll see that the index will redirect you to either a JavaScript Enhanced site or one that's not. Also if you have JavaScript enabled it will tell you what browser and version your using. I recommend Internet Explorer 4 or higher or alternately Netscape 3 or higher. I think either will work but I usually test on Internet Explorer. Also if you don't have one of those browsers I have a link to download Internet Explorer. The JavaScript Enhanced page will still work with some older browsers for now, but the submission page probably won't work correctly.

Next there are some updates to the JavaScript Enhanced submission page. There is now a checkbox at the bottom. If checked (which it is by default), it will save some of your information to a cookie on your machine. It saves your name, age, email address, homepage, where you heard about my page from, and all checkboxes. This information is kept fairly securely and can only be accessed by my page. The information will then be automatically entered every time you access my JavaScript enhanced submission page. Hope this feature adds a bit of convenience to everyone's lives. Especially those who wish to submit often. If there are any questions or problems with this or any of my sites, please contact me. Thanks.


I've added 17 new pictures of Sylvia Plath to my Sylvia Plath page on Creative Geniuses.

I've increased the size of the text input box for my submission pages to 80 characters. For some reason I thought that was what I had put it at but it was at 60 instead. That was dumb. Also, I've added a comments box to the submission page so that you can submit comments while submitting work instead of having to fill out a separate form for that. Also, on the submission pages I've added a required field to tell where you heard about my site. I'm trying to find out where most of my users are coming from.


Creative Writing has undergone extensive changes. I am still working on it and will be for the next few days. I would appreciate it if you would check it out and tell me what you think. Also, if you find any bad links or any errors, please tell me. The address for my site has also changed. The new link is Thanks.


Starting with current submissions I have begun spell checking the work before posting. I have also begun to post the date posted with the works.


I have added more pictures of Sylvia Plath to her page on Creative Geniuses. I have added a homepage field to the submission pages. That's it for today.


Due to the request of some users of my services, I have converted the works pages to left justify. Also I have added a site for updating your mailing list info. You may use this to update your information at anytime. This includes removal from either list, signing up for a list you're not on, and changing of email address. The link to this page is

6/11/98: Original announcement of the mailing list sent to all previously published authors who submitted an email address.

This is a message for everyone who has submitted work to the Creative Writing web site. I have recently been updating the site and have added a few features. Please stop by and check it out. Also feel free to submit some more poetry or short stories. I have also added a couple of mailing lists for those who wish to get updates on the site regularly. If you wish to sign up for these, email me, or check the appropriate box if you submit something. Don't worry your not on the list now. This is a one time message just to inform you that the lists exist. Hope to hear from you soon.

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