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These are some web sites that will pay you money to surf. Most put a banner bar on the bottom of your screen with advertisements from other companies flashing on them. The companies pay these sites and the sites pay some of the money to you. Usually the amount is around 50 cents an hour which adds up to a lot. They aren't fake trust me.  They send you checks in the mail.  I belong to all of them.

Choice H Adsenger pays a lot for viewing an ad.  An icon goes in your system tray by the time and tells you when an ad is available.

All Advantage is the first paid to surf site that I know of and is probably the most reliable.  ($.50 per hour, 25 hours a month max)

Spedia is similar to All Advantage except there is no limit on the amount of hours you may surf. The payout rate varies, it is $.47 per hour currently

GetPaid4 is a new but quickly growing site due to its ability to pay you while you are not on the web or surfing. You will be paid for using any program on your computer as long as you are doing it actively.($.55+ per hour, 75 hours max)

CashSurfers is a fantastic program paying $.80 an hour for unlimited hours.

BePaid has full screen ads and will pay you $20-$120 an hour for it. BePaid notifies when an ad is waiting for you and you watch it for about 20 seconds.

PaidForSurf is a new company but is growing fast, they pay $.75 per hour for unlimited hours.

GoToWorld is similar to AllAdvantage.  It pays a little less but you can surf up to 40 hours.

Utopiad has just come out of its beta process and is now available. Pays a lot and I am not aware of a limit on hours you can surf. They also will pay to send you email!

ValuePay adds a small box to the top right corner of your browser.  This is the best for those of you who use higher resolution because you don't have anything there anyway.  Pays you half of the amount they receive for the ad.

Ignifuge is not a pay to surf program that wants you to set it as your start page and will pay you for that. You can easily make $15 a month off of this one without any referrals.

ePIPO is similar to AllAdvantage, but it pays $.60 an hour.

ePilot puts a small button beside your start button. Through this you can search and access many categorized websites and get paid for doing it.