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Author: Ek Beckett
Posted: December 5, 1999

Tressa's Demise

She sat in the cold stone tower, freezing, cursing the day she was ever born. Her fiancé had finally got what he wanted, her throne. She wrapped the thin robe near her, remembering, regretting, her arrogant mind. For it was her arrogance that had put her to death.
It stormed heavily outside, just as it had stormed on all the nights she could remember. Though, only this time, she was not surrounded in the comfort of a warm chambers or dining in candle light.
There was scattering coming from the stair-way, as if someone was down the flight. She was no longer interested in scuttling of rats. She was only concerned for her warmth, her own survival.
"Tressa, Tressa, Tressa", came a voice from the stair-way. She rose, and tried to walk to the door, but it was no use.
Her body was long too tired to carry her, even under her frail weight. All she could do was to look towards it.
"He is giving you as a gift to the Nation
Emperor's son..." came a familiar voice.
"Ellio!", she called out hastily. A dark figure came to the door. He was wearing a hood, probably to protect him from the rain.
"Did you really think I would forget all about you here in this cold, dark tower!?",
Ellio questioned, then continued, "Tressa's Demise! A cage built by Your own hands will keep you here for all eternity!!", he finished, smirking.
"Let me out, please, Ellio!" she pleaded.
"Oh, you plead to me, a humble peasant?" he asked, knowing he was going to hit a nerve sooner or later.
"Now, you will always be in my debt!" she pleaded, as he slid off the lock.
"Put this on, it is cold outside." he mumbled, giving her his hood. She slid it on over her head, and they continued outside.
They walked right past the guards, and weren't even checked. She believed it to be too easy, for if this was her castle, guards would be mounted everywhere, so not one person could Detact any from her comfort.
"But this is not your palace, my Lady", Ellio said, not even hearing her words.
"True, but Lavant is not an ignorant man." she said under her breath.
They continued towards the gates, and Tressa acted as a leper, for she knew of her people's fear of these creatures.
When they passed through, it was nearing the Dark Light, so they sat and rested. No one ever dared to move during the Dark Light, not even the Royalty of the Talma themselves.
It was so strange, being outside and seeing the Dark Light. Tressa had never experienced
It from outside the protection of the Palace Gates. Her Holy Men had always said that those who where outside during the Dark Light where engulfed by it and were reasonable sacrifices.
When It passed, they both got up and continued on.

"Where are we going?", Tressa asked, feeling slightly hungry. She had been traveling for three days, and was not used to going this long without rest.
"To a transport city.", he replied, "There we can get food and supplies. Lavant obviously knows by now that you are gone,
and we need to get away from here as soon as possible."
Tressa was relieved when she saw the city on the horizon. They would have to stop for the Dark Light would be upon them very soon.

To be continued...

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