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Author: Michael Cooper
Posted: June 22, 1998

On Being Done

The moment sputters softly.
No more than a small sigh drawn from a vague regret.
Gone slumbering or evaporated the thunderous dismay sleeps.
Relegated to dusty storage mostly forgotten but never gone.

A new breeze gently blows, scattering the sweet ashes across the freshly turned earth.
Once freed of that easy caress, the ashes meet the damp, raw earth merging indistinguishably.
Now fertilized possibilities press and strain to new birth, eagerly rushing heedless of empty protest.

Yet caution rains down quietly lending stillness to the new exuberance.
Remembering aged injuries and viewing new earth with a hesitant trepidation.

Author: Zahra Bouabdullah
Posted: June 29, 1998

To Have Known Him, To Have Loved Him

We met under the light of innocence
Perpetrated by trust
Attracted by a passion
Of overwhelming lust
Desire was a fashion
Yet our feelings were unjust

We spoke through a window of memories
False hopes led the way
The caressing of my hand
Did things I cannot say
How hard to understand
Why I could not turn away

We kissed to a mountain of friendship
Through the jungles of affection
Around the ocean of my sorrow
And under bridges of perfection
There's no waiting till tomorrow
Where we challenge our deception.

You ignored my letters of questions
And my pleas of desperation
And the truth made me fall
To the depths of realization
I had nothing left at all
Except eternal dedication.

Surrendering the man of my dreams
Heartache roamed the air
He no longer cared less
For our one night love affair
So that is why I must confess
At how I'm dwelling in despair.

So take the hand of the one you want
And whispering say "I do"
Plant a kiss upon her lips
And let your love shine through
And as the death hand slowly grips
My heart still bleeds for you.

Author: Tristan Shepherd
Posted: July 6, 1998

He Won

He held her tight,
In the middle of the night.
Two became one,
And then it was done.
Something precious was lost,
How great the cost.
They're virgins no longer,
Satan was stronger.

Author: Kristyna
Kristyna's Bio
Posted: July 7, 1998

Always About You

I love you completely
But I'm losing my mind
I keep hoping for the best
As happiness I try to find

My soul is lost
My heart continues to bleed
I cry for you
You're all I ever need

I try to win you love
But I don't know what for
You hardly spend time with me
You treat me like a whore

I wish I would just die
Be buried in a deep hole
Cuz you've taken my heart
And beaten my soul

My mouth doesn't smile
My eyes no longer shine
My mind is dead
This life is not mine

I'm no longer happy
I no longer care
My world is over
For the pain I cannot bear

We used to have fun
It used to be great
But now your love
Has been replaced by hate

I keep trying to hold on
To a dream that has died
I realize you no longer love me
I know now, I've died inside.

Author: Melissa Deane
Posted: July 22, 1998

Your Love

Your love is gentle and kind,
It is never hard to find.
It keeps me smiling every day,
It keeps me going on my way.

You love is gentle and kind,
It will never leave my mind.
It helps me face all my fears,
It helps me get rid of all my tears.

Your love is gentle and kind,
It will never run behind.
it will never ever hide,
It will never leave my side.

Your love will always say,
In the very best way:
We will be together forever,
Because our ties will never sever.

Author: Rachel
Posted: July 24, 1998

Your Love

The first words were "I love you."
The last words were "Good-bye."
We met radiant and honest,
We left, words filled with lies.

At first our beating hearts,
were one,
But now,
they only drift apart.

I did not want to leave,
nor will I ever know,
How I stopped to love,
and how I let you go.

I suppose it was for the best,
Oh why,why couldn't I see,
that our relationship was temporary,
and "we" were not meant to be.

Author: Tiffanie
Age: 14
Tiffanie's Bio
Posted: July 27, 1998

Lost Innocence

Author's Notes:~dedicated to my one and only~

I go to
wishing you
here to
hold me

to keep
safe and
warm tonight

to kiss
me and
my body

the hair
my ear
you give
a smile

your arms
my stomach

Feel no
with me

from me
you have
wanted for
so long

My only
I will
you tonight

But you
stay with
you cannot

So you
kiss me
and fill
me with

the only
of my

with passion
with love

I scream
in pain
and then
you in
the eyes

it was
it was

I gave
to you
and my

I love
And know
you're the

Author: The Chief
Age: 20
Posted: August 11, 1998


Author's Notes: I wrote this about a girl I really liked but couldn't gather up the courage to tell her.

Every time I see you
I don't know what to say
My voice will not obey
what my mind seeks to convey.
Just being able to observe your beauty
has me forever in your awe.
All I ask is to be in your presence
that is all I wish, nothing more.
For I am but a peasant, longing in the street
to have an audience with you, my Queen
to bow down at your feet
Though to have a place in your heart,
would all my dreams fulfil
It is but wishful thinking,
because I know I never will
To you I am just a statue, heart and soul of stone
How could one such as your self ever warm to me?
No, you deserve better than I,
a King to call your own.
The magnitude of your beauty
words cannot truly express
For your beauty is without equal
that I do confess
Hair of the blackest pitch,
darker than the darkest night
Moving with the grace of a swan,
and the regal presence of an eagle in flight.
Your eyes sparkle as diamonds,
glimmering in heavenly perfection.
Your face is the epitome of radiance,
the very definition of an angelic complexion.
But what sets you apart from all the rest,
and makes you a once in a lifetime find,
Is that the lord above has blessed you
with a kind heart and a witty mind.
I could forever sing your praises
However it would still not do justice to you
You are simply on a level all your own
That much I know is true
The day is soon coming when Jesus shall arrive anew,
For in Gods kingdom and in my heart,
eternally there is a place for you.

Author: Lisa Cousins
Age: 20
Lisa's Bio

Posted: September 21, 1998


i discoverd you in a cauldron
ink slipping down your shoulder
down your calf
smoke . . . stained you grey

you thought you were burning

cheekbones protruding through flesh
like plastic . . .
pulled on too tight

i asked you where your heaven was
you pointed to folded plaid
and said

you misplaced the waistband

climbing the bend of your hip
i leaked into a whirlwind
that was echoing with visions
that were echoing with me

i thought i was sinking

your enigma rescued me
your intrigue seduced me

it hurt
i spilled my reality

Author: Jason Hayahsi
Age: 18
Posted: October 5, 1998


like some stupid talk show host
you make jokes for few laughs
like a scene from some hyped sitcom
I hang out and stay bored

it's funny to see, like a candle by my ace
the casual people with the finest clothes,
the soft talks over the beer, the girl's trying to stay sober
the guys trying everything to get laid.

you call me a loner,
you call me a loser,
but I'd rather stay out of your party
wearing artificial smile, getting high
I'm not the stereotype

I don't dress well
I don't sweet talk
I don't give a fuck you say
I'm not the stereotype

Author: Jason Hayahsi
Age: 18
Posted: October 5, 1998

Before I subside in age

As we stood one by one,
with remaining fortitude and youth, like $2 change left in our pocket,
with pocket full of dreams, the rocket that reaches for the moon,
losing ourselves in speed, as we travel faster and faster,
tomorrow is light years away, but it seems shorter than it used to be,
maybe itís because we arenít so young anymore....

I still got time though,
before dreams become just dreams,
and dwell into surreal delusion of an aging man.
the night is about to fall in my life,
but the dusk is still there for me to reach,
little as this hope, like a newborn baby,
I still have a life,
I still live...

So I run toward LIFE,
before midnight sky takes me away to death,
I still got time, I still got time,
I am gonna live before I die...

Author: Jason Hayahsi
Age: 18
Posted: October 5, 1998

Memories from the memorial hospital

As we stood together dressed in blue(Me& Kathy)
with fidelity of whatís beyond us, behind the veil of time
there seems to be a feeling of rushed assertion on all those wasted years
down in this chamber where no wind blew

the doctor gave us some medicine
we all patients sat, patience, the undefined agitation
fear struck in unknown penitence, appeasing our twisted little minds
and we know at the end there is only bitterness of those who's left behind
and through the uncertain divide we scream in silence

Kathy speaks her dreams
of her magical house somewhere aloof
with a fine husband to look over the roof
and she can't help crying the irony she speaks so rhetorically

the fathomless night reaches in our bed
as people finished the leftover snack
in this place where I'll sleep some more days
I write in tear, drew in blood
the ending millennium of sacred sins

sometimes even to this day I think of Kathy
in this peculiar acquaintance we were lovers
through the restless lovemaking we felt the years go by
we found each other like we never will

Today I am sane, with flower in my hand
looking at your beautiful pale face, probably for the last time
Since you died I didn't know why I was living
but as I saw you here, in funeral mourning
I said to myself "mabye I can live for you today"

Author: Nate Olmstead
Posted: October 5, 1998

Lost Love

I am here
You are too
Let us talk
We can work this through
All the pain
All the love
Lost and forgotten
We can bring it back
If it works
You will know
I'll still love you if you go.

Author: Kerri Stenson
Age: 27
Posted: October 5, 1998


He bows to her, quietly
and kneels to take her hand.
She sheds a tear, defiantly
and looks upon her man.

He steals a kiss, in secrecy
and promises his heart.
She vows but for society
that they shall never part.

He praises her with beauty
over time how it endures.
She claims to him commitedly
"forever it is yours."

He cries, for an eternity
seems just a toss away.
She touches him so tenderly,
"in here, I'll always stay."

Author: Marita
Posted: October 5, 1998

My Love

my love for you is strong
and its never wrong
i love you more everyday
and i can say it day by day

my love grows day by day
i will say it everyday
my love is strong
and i know its not wrong

i love you so much
though we've been through so much
you make me feel wanted

my love loves you
your love loves me
together we are one
forever my love is for you

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