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Romantic Poetry

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Innocence by TAH

Remember When by Sheryl

A Piece Of My Heart by Karen Ballard

Do You Understand? by Richard L. Banks, Jr.

A Real Love by Richard L. Banks, Jr.


A BIT OF HEAVEN by White Witch

MY KNIGHT! by White Witch

Dent in my pillow by Stephen

Closing Chapter by Richard L. Banks, Jr.

Meant To Be by Bruce Elkins

Only You I Love by Bruce Elkins

Dreamers by Heather Staniszeski

Alone by Jason Caldwell

He by Believer

If Only You Would Let Me by Believer

Precious Moments by Tricia Keltto

For Love by Jodi

To Love Is Not To Own by aToMz

Light by aToMz

Past and Eternity by aToMz

Tomorrow by aToMz

No one Else Compares To You by Andrea Barnicle

Words Can't Even Explain by Andrea Barnicle

You Mean The World To Me by Andrea Barnicle

My Love by Marita

Forbidden by Kerri Stenson

Lost Love by Nate Olmstead

Memories From the Memorial Hospital by Jason Hayahsi

Before I Subside in Age by Jason Hayahsi

Stereotype by Jason Hayahsi

you (ACCORDING TO ME) by Lisa Cousins

Observer by The Chief

Lost Innocence by Tiffanie

The End by Rachel

Your Love by Melissa Deane

Always About You by Kristyna

He Won by Tristan Shepherd

To Have Known Him, To Have Loved Him by Zahra Bouabdullah

On Being Done by Michael Cooper

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