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Author: Christie Benson
Posted: August 14, 1998

Current Overall Rating: 9/10

Can You?

My mind is swept away on a torrent of seamless dreams,
bouncing from one to another in a hopeless dance of terror.

(can you hear me scream?)

A blood red sky tells the tale of an angry nation,
hot smoke billowing it's story among once white clouds.

(can you taste the words?)

The saddened earth, torn to little shreds of dying hope,
gapes its oozing wounds like a leper's last breath.

(can you hear the pain?).

A single bird weeps a mourning song,
it's time of joy lost in the distant rumble of guns.

(can you feel it's loss?).

Children huddle in the worn out buildings,
dying in unknown graves while men wage a war for their freedom.

(can you smell their deaths?)

Silence settles over the land, bombs quiet in the drinking night,
a deceitful dreadful peace.

(can you dream the dream?)

Author: Tara
Tara's Homepage
Posted: August 17, 1998



through the foggy mirror I watch
the bubbles bursting against her skin
as she slides under steam,
twirling milk to the surface,
hidden under Chanel No.5
and shaving cream.

my sickened sweet-tooth,
capped with gold

has she forgotten the asylum
that arrested her mind
in the interim
or has she just
left me behind

Author: Jamie
Age: 23
Posted: August 21, 1998

To Bare Arms

Get naked
Get down
and lie in your aura

Anything but unhappy

Or maybe just FREE!

Author: Jamie
Posted: August 21, 1998

Almond Joy

Candy bars and bourbon,
that's my night
And come to think of it
that's my life

The girl of my dreams
with me in my bed
A long, hard neck
or a kiss on her head

A curve at the hips
and such smooth skin!
I could eat her up -
is that a sin?

Her eyes are almonds -
but like the sky
or coconut meat
And within - no lies!

Just life and love
Just a Godsend from above

Author: Jamie
Age: 23
Posted: August 21, 1998


Author's Notes: A rare genre for me... Nature!

A withered leaf
tosses and turns with the wind
(that loving friend
who makes us live -
pushes us onward
and steals our sins)
and I with my women
my girls and my dreams
my loves
my hates
all of them sleep
beneath a leaf -
a friend of the wind
(an insomniac leaf)

Author: Jamie
Age: 23
Posted: August 21, 1998


It's a ruthless scene
with a toothless grin
My hands on my ears
to shut out this din -
I'm soaked in your sin

It's a wild world
to a child like me
I beat on my drums
I pray to be free -
Won't you please let me be?

Author: Jamie
Age: 23
Posted: August 21, 1998

Masturbatory Ode

When I'm alone
(down on my knees
mourning my friends)
swimming in me

She suns me in smiles
Moons me in music
the sun in the trees,
the moon on a stick -
miles from me
stuck through with a stick

When I'm alone
(let's go for a ride)
I swim in myself
with you by my side

Author: Jamie
Age: 23
Posted: August 21, 1998


Author's Notes: A comment, ironically, on writer's block.

Life don't suck -
So what do I do?
I shit out my soul.
I've run out of pain
and passions to feed from -
I'm perfectly whole!

I'm happy - I'm jolly -
I'm so fucking boring!
I sleep and don't sweat -
My ego is soaring!

I long for depression -
to swim in raw hatred -
to shock and astound.
Shit on me - someone!
And give me a pen -
I'll write it all down!

Author: Jamie
Age: 23
Posted: August 21, 1998


Where lies beauty?
It's in the unschooled mind
in the unpolluted hand
It's in the untainted sand

Don't get comfortable
Don't smile
And don't rest
because you just might see it

Author: Jamie
Age: 23
Posted: August 21, 1998


I forget to be
and Sometimes
I'm too tired to be

But I'm here
So talk to me
I'm still happening
So stay with me

Author: Jamie
Age: 23
Posted: August 21, 1998


What's my function?
What the fuck?
What's my role, and...
is there even a plot?
Seemingly not.

Is life a facade?
Who the fuck cares?
And to those who wonder:
Does God even know?
It seems to be so.

The way things seem,
so seamless and true
But to me it seems
that my God is YOU.

Author: Jamie
Age: 23
Posted: August 21, 1998


I've never been so alone
Getting naked and stoned
Swimming shameless
Amidst all the faces -
"Let me run in your races"

I've numbed all my senses
I've numbered my days
and you're still relentless -
so what should I say?

I've never been so alone
Just me and my show
And me, faithfully
guzzling whiskey -
and me, "Now who should I be?"

Author: Sandra Pool
Posted: August 21, 1998

The Death Of A Shallow Man

Die slowly young one, die as slowly as you can,
For you're young and unaccustomed to dying like a man.
Stand tall for now, your ego in full bloom,
One day your rose will shrivel and you hope it not be soon.
But soon it must be my love, soon that fatal end,
For broken open is my heart and impossible to mend.
So die slowly young one I want to feel your pain,
And through it one day,
My love you'll look to gain.

Author: Christine
Age: 18
Christine's Bio
Posted: August 26, 1998

Current Overall Rating: 10/10


Words, unspoken, are haunting me,
Like a melody forgotten, I can't seem to bring them to my lips.
This image, portrayed, is not me...
It is who everyone else likes to see.
In a world of broken promises and angry tears
I am safer as this person I mask myself in.
But it is all a masquerade.
My life is a joke and no one is even laughing.
This poem is dying...
My words......
Fade to black.

Author: Conner
Age: 26
Posted: August 26, 1998

Endless Bounds of Ambition

God, help me if I ever believe I do not need to learn anymore.
Please let the seemingly small wonders produce an endless fascination without regard to the innumerable times that I experience them.
Let me intently gaze with innocent eyes in every direction until they permanently close.
Let me inhale the invisible scents that generously expand a new area of my chest.
Let me hear the sounds of life that enable me to see without eyes.
Let me touch every curve of new objects with the exploratory excitement of a pioneer.
Let my mind and heart remain innocent and curious as my tools feed the unlimited wonders of life to my hungry soul.

Author: Aimee Rae
Age: 23
Aimee's Bio
Posted: September 3, 1998

The Story

A little picture
One girl so small and delicate
With big blue eyes and a tiny smile
Looking at the camera
She looks as if she will break
Images form around her
Developing the scared thoughts she will soon believe

A big picture
One women so old and frail
With closed eyes and lips that disappeared
Looking into the camera
She is dying
All the ideas turned black and white
Consuming the life from her very soul
All the choices and words that were told to the young one
Made the body of the old

It starts with the child
The little girl who could have had it all
Yet she didn’t speak of the images
That became her life and death.

Author: Hydrotic1
Age: 18
Posted: September 3, 1998

The War

Our paranoia only equals what you can take away..
If i do what you don't say
You put me where i "should be", and throw away the key
Just stop the hypocrisy, and set our bodies free!
But these peaceful pleas are never heard
Because you're so absurd!
But if we all picked up guns,
You know the war would be won
That's no fun
Isn't it sad....
It's what must be done

Author: Alien
Posted: September 11, 1998

Whispers To Infinity

Whispers to Infinity in the Year 2000

The moon sings a silent song to me; I cannot sleep
The words are ghosts the notes tickle flesh
In raindrops that breathe.
They whisper that Pope Carlo is mad.
"Quark" say the six breeds of duck
As Lepton screams "Sextuplets!"

Accelerating circles over sunflowers spin,
Whirling faster forward to go back.
Eat the alphabet soup.
"But why do ships collide with icebergs?"
Fifteen billion Big Mac's late
The ingredients are cold

If you nuke the stew in a Microwave you can hear
The snake and taste the seed of apples!
Silent Super Cat wish!
Uncharted fifth element.
Stone Circles whisper thy love.

I, the messenger, kiss Cassandra and drown in her Machine-like beauty,
Now I sing an infinite love song and shine my Circles toward u...

Exponential Ants

Then two
As the world spins
And our armies march in rows like grains of sand full of fire and death


Tension breathes and fogs up the windshields of this tiny town
The grass still gets cut and the garbage still disappears on Monday
But something strange is going on.

Aliens are invading us, Jesus walks again out there, Elvis never died,
Middle East countries are full of terrorists that scare me, Ireland Burns with
Religious hatred, El Nino is ravaging the weather and yet,
Here in my own town we get drunk on Friday and have sex on Saturday
Mornings while the kids watch cartoons.

Nothing changes here much and that's a good thing.

Tommy Jones works as a waiter, Lisa Brown is a cashier at
Valu-Mart, how many years have gone by?
This is my town and these are my people.
There are tragedies here where Main street has eyes,

There is something else though, a smell somewhat stale and getting stronger,
It's a little like suicide, or clowns appearing in the sewer, or a Little like death
Staring back from the mirror.

I don't know much but I do know this,
We have enough donut shops now and I'm tired of the the drive in!

Alien S.

Gargamelle's Ghost

Meanwhile at Cern:

From your ruptured iron womb burst that gluttonous giant,
Swimming in eighteen tons of liquid freon afterbirth…
The spluttering
Wet freak vomited out neutrino's no less.

No more baby wet swapping of particles.
Unification of schizophrenic sons colliding
As you and I radiate in waves across the ether.

Religion breaking juggernauts will march to the drumbeat
Of their own magical thirty kilometer halo's.
You precious little supernovae tracer.

Children, mind the sacredness of the circle.
Circles are time.
My twenty five-ton diapered yellow baby offspring here.
Circles spin for our own swirling round eyes that deceive us.

:nreC ta elihwnaeM

Author: Lisa Cousins
Age: 20
Lisa's Bio

Posted: September 21, 1998

Morphine Dripping

Author's Comments: written after some random person decided it was their job to completely shred my identity, because i gave them the priveledge of having about twenty seconds of my time.

you premiered in a televised version
of my diluted magma
hurling contrived monologues
from my urn of tears

i listed to the grave words
you stirred to suit your dimensions
and i punctured the palpable shell
of my corroded blood
and i drank the
morphine drip(ping)
and stammering from it

your voice crucified my reasoning
it punished my filthy visions
praised the classic scenarios
of my horrid perversions

you pranced on your false pedestal
ans thrusted perfidious pictures
into the disfigurements of the
death drones
that sucked the smell from your expirations

you thought that you had captured
my dismembered essance
in your performance

but YOU
have not the touch
of a tortured soul

Author: The Vengeful Pickle
Posted: October 5, 1998

I gaze around my empty world,
and frown upon the sky.
The dark clouds tumble
and pain me through all of time.

Author: Terra Whetten
Posted: October 5, 1998


She lived life always happy
He lived life never satisfied

She was always living
in the moment
He always planned ahead
to avoid the moment.

She finally told him
"Life is what happens
to you while your planning"

"The world wont change,
just because you complain!"

"Life is too short for
selfish attitudes."

From that day forward
she became his inspiration.

He had a change of heart
and life.

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