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Author: Mary Ry
Age: 16
Posted: March 30, 2000

What is Love?

"What is love?" I asked a friend.
"It's something that I don't recommend."
"Why is something you don't recommend?"
"Because what really disgusts me are men!"
"What is love?" I asked my older brother.
"I don't know! You're a girl-ask mother!"
"Why is it that I have to ask mother?"
"Because you and her are made for each other!"
"What is love?" I asked my mom.
"The answer lies on the lines of your palm."
"But I don't see anything on my palm."
"You just have to wait, keep still, and be calm."
"What is love?" I asked my dad.
"It's a beautiful thing and not all that bad."
"But what is love? What is it, dad?"
"Me and your mother. She's the best I ever had."
"What is love?" I asked myself.
"Does it go together, like a book on a shelf?"
"But what's love have to do with a book on a shelf?"
I sat and I wondered all to by myself.

Author: Stephen Mackay
Age: 22
Posted: February 28, 2000

Andy Macfee

This is the day and the story of Andy Macfee
Who took off his clothes and swam out to sea
For two whole years not a word had been said
Until they heard that poor Andy was dead
Now they say its the most romantic story
Of Andy Macfee and his wife Corrie

The story goes that his wife's boat had sunk
And for two whole years poor Andy was drunk
All you would hear was "why did it sink"
"I have run out of money go an buy us a drink"
So now no one knew what he had felt inside
Until they heard the day poor Andy had died

People will remember this story for years
And at the end they will break down in tears
For to this day people are still truly surprised
Not at the fact that poor Andy had died
But still in the bar sat his unfinished drink
With a note beside it reading "why did it sink"

Author: Vanessa
Age: 13
Vanessa's Homepage
Posted: August 18, 1998

The Bald Man

There is a man I do not know
A bald man
He does not have a tan

He almost never comes out of his house
He is trapped like a mouse

He never comes out to welcome the warm friendly sun
Never wants to have any fun

In there with his pet bear
Not even God knows what he does in there!

Poor old guy
doesn’t have a friend
At least he has one green tie

So one day I went to his house
It seemed like ever long
Until he opened the door

“You have hair!” was the first thing he said
“Yes, just like your pet bear,” is what I said
The bald man slammed the door shut

“Was that rude what I said? I need to go to bed!”

That night I thought
I thought......................
and thought...............
and thought...............

Why did the bald man slam the door? Was I too much of a bore?

No! He was jealous!
Jealous of my hair!
Thick and long
like a bears’

That’s the reason he had no friends
Never to invite them to his den

He was jealous of people who had hair
Not even to dare
To have a friend
To love and care

I made this old man happy one bright day
I bought him a toupee

Now he can dare
To have a friend
To love and care

Foolish old man!
He’ll never know
It’s the inside that counts
It really shows!

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